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the holistic facial

What is a holistic facial?  Maybe we all had facials in a spa where all the Esthetician wants to do is PEEL your skin!  And pray that the results will be a radiant, brighter, or long lasting. Your results are beautiful the fist day but does it ever last.  A Holistic Facial Treatment, treats the body as whole.  We can't keep exhausting the skin without giving the tools and nutrition to properly restore the health of your skin.  The holistic facial will feed your skin the proper nutrition your skin needs to give that glow.

Modern approach to beautiful skin. 

Charlene specializes in Holistic & Medi-Infusion Facials,  boosting your collagen in 30 days!  Inquire about the difference between an ordinary facial and a Holistic Facial Treatment.    

"Permanent change is possible, your skin just needs to be inspired." -Ben Johnson, MD. Founder & Formulator of Osmosis Skincare

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